Powder Perfect Touch SPF 15+
Manufacturer: Colour INTENSE

The unique, innovative Perfect Touch SPF 15+ powder formula from TM Color Intense contains moisturizing, protective and nutritional ingredients that take care not only of the well-groomed appearance of the skin, but also of its healthy condition. Allantoin, which is a part of powder, protects the skin from dryness, softens, rejuvenates and normalizes the water-fat balance, preventing peeling and irritation. The texture of the powder is delicate, as if it merges with the surface after application, without creating the so-called mask effect. During the day, the skin remains moisturized and matte at the same time, providing incredible comfort.


How to use: apply the powder on a clean face or over the makeup base using a round brush or sponge.


- SPF 15+ Protection 

- Matte texture 

- Hides reddening and skin imperfections 

- Makes skin smoother 

- Does not clog pores


Weight: 10 g.