French Manicure Set
Manufacturer: YES

A set for the professional French manicure at home from the TM "Yes" - "French Manicure Set" - consists of three varnishes:

- colored - will provide the nail plate an ideal uniform color.  Used as a "camouflage"; 

- white - will give the tip of the nail a neat appearance; 

- transparent - will retain a bright color and give shine.  Used as a fixer. 

Just three simple steps guarantee you a lasting beautiful manicure up to 14 days! 

Also in the kit: self-adhesive stencils for the creation of the French manicure - as a GIFT! 

There are 3 sets: № 401,402,403. 

Do not contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. 

Volume: 4.5ml x 3 pcs.

French manicure Set YES