French Manicure
French set
Manufacturer: Colour INTENSE

Set TM "Color Intense" will help to create a French manicure for everyday, business or evening image. The set consists of stencils and three nail polishes: white/black nail polish, base color, top coat. Add manicure elegance or stylish expressive contrast with a resistant, opaque white or black lacquer on the tips of the nails. The base color is ideally suited for creating a delicate, maximally natural manicure as the main coat. The quick-drying top coat creates special protective layer that gives nails glossy shine.

Set consists of three nail polishes: white/black nail polish, color nail polish, top coat + stencils as a gift.

There are 3 sets in assortment: №201, 202, 203, 204. 

Volume: 6ml x 3.

How to use:

1. Apply the base color to the entire nail. Wait until it's dry.
2. Attach the stencil to the nail, leaving the tip of the nail unsealed.
3. Apply 1-2 layers of white or black nail polish to the tip of the nail until it is completely dry.
4. Remove the stencil. Apply a transparent nail polish to the whole nail, it'll give a shine and last the manicure's stability.