Liquid Glitter Just Star
Manufacturer: Colour INTENSE

Liquid glitter for creation spectacular makeup.
The palette consists of 9 shades. The unique formula makes it easy to apply glitter. Spangles do not roll, do not crumble and shimmer in the sun. Another bonus is fast drying and no printing on the eyelids. The special applicator guarantees comfortable application.

A stable formula will allow you to enjoy a bright makeup throughout the day!

Method of use: glitter can be used to add emphasis to the inner corners of the eyes, as a lower eyeliner to the line of the lower eyelid, mixed with eye shadows, can also be used as lip gloss or for body paint.

101 - Shine silver
102 - Bright chocolate
103 - Sparkle pink
104 - Crystal gold
105 - Glow cooper
106 - Dusty rose
107 - Twinkle lavender
108 - Deep sea
109 - Glitter black