Lip Care
Manufacturer: Colour INTENSE

The Lip Care Series consists of 6 products:

№01 Lip Scrub Coconut - effectively prevents dryness and flaking. Softens, nourishes and moisturizes. Coconut oil reliably protects lips from inclement weather and temperature changes.

№02 Blackberry lip balm enhances the pink lip color depending on your pH. Ideal for balm that looks and tones lips.

№03 Regenerating Lip Balm Citrus has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of the skin cells of the lips, eliminates the feeling of tightness and dryness, protects the skin from damage by UV rays, accelerates the healing of cracks. Stimulates microcirculation to increase lip form.

№04 Kiwi Moisturizing Lip Oil - provides long-lasting care and gives you the most pleasant feeling. The light consistency does not leave the grease on the lips, instantly saturates with the active substances. The nutritional components intensely care for the weathered and cracked lips, healing and enhancing the appearance of the lips.

№05 Mango Nutrient Yogurt Mask for day care or night recovery. It is recommended to apply before using persistent cosmetics. Stimulates microcirculation to increase lip form.

№06 Lip Gloss Pitaiya for increasing the form of  lips: thanks to the active components, the gloss stimulates microcirculation immediately after application, deeply moisturizes the lips, evens out their micro relief and smoothes wrinkles. As a result, lips become more plump, with a distinct contour and a more intense color.


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